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Being a Member, PT Pahala Bahari Nusantara Officially Implements Tuna FIP with WWF Indonesia

Author: Usmawati Anggita Sakti(Seafood Savers Communication Assistant) -  18-10-2018

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PT Pahala Bahari Nusantara (PBN) has been exporting Indonesian tuna since 2009 and is located in West Jakarta. The company currently processes yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) and skipjack tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis) into two value-added products – pre-cooked tuna loins and fish meal. In striving for a more sustainable seafood business, the company has committed to implement a Seafood Savers Fisheries Improvement Program (FIP) for its source purse seine fisheries.PBN commenced the Seafood Savers membership application process in 2017, gradually working towards the development of a FIP. The fruitful FIP collaboration between PBN and Seafood Savers was officially legalized by the signing of an MoU and Pre-Membership Cooperation Agreement in July 2018.

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Most recently, PBN and WWF Indonesia signed a Seafood Savers Membership Cooperation Agreement on 5 October 2018. This fundamental cooperation document was signed at WWF Indonesia’s Jakarta office by Imam Musthofa, Marine and Fisheries Directorate WWF Indonesia, and Herry Yanto, Managing Director of PT Pahala Bahari Nusantara.


This agreement signals that PBN will soon commence a purse seine yellowfin tuna and skipjack FIP in Southeast Sulawesi waters, specifically in the Flores Sea (Indonesian FMA 713), Banda Sea (FMA 714) and Maluku and Seram Island waters (FMA 715) according to an agreed FIP Action Plan. All activities in the FIP Action Plan are intended to bring these purse seine fisheries into compliance with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) standard for sustainable fishing.

“We would like to express our sincere gratitude to WWF Indonesia for guiding us during the development of the purse seine FIP for our supply chain. We intend to commence implementing activities outlined in the FIP Action Plan in early 2019, with ongoing support from our FIP Facilitator, WWF Indonesia and other key stakeholders, including our supplying vessel owners and MMAF.”  Herry Yanto, PT Pahala Bahari Nusantara.

Over the next five years, WWF Indonesia team will assist PBN in implementing activities within the FIP Action Plan, supported by other key stakeholders. The WWF Indonesia team will provide six-monthly monitoring reports documenting progress against key activities laid out in the FIP Action Plan. Both WWF and PBN anticipate that through coordinated effort and commitment in implementing the tuna purse seine FIP, that Indonesian purse seine fisheries will be in a strong position to enter into full assessment and obtain MSC certification, with purse-seine caught tuna products eligible to carry the MSC’s blue eco-label for sustainable fisheries.